Jeu Play

Jeu Play is an interactive digital art and music installation 
which the audience has open access to explore, perform and interact with. 
The work invites the audience to play with surprising instruments 
discovering a colourful universe of immersive sound.
Development of this work was made possible 
through funding from Creative New Zealand.

Light Gate

Light Gate combining contemporary lighting technology with interaction
design to explore the idea of light as an object. In collaboration with
Kim Newall and using intense bright lights from Lighting by Design
which project visible beams through the air to create a gate of light
that interacts with the audience as they navigate their passage through it. 

The project was presented as part of ART IN THE DARK 2012 and White Night, 
Auckland Arts Festival 2013.

Module - Shatter Live

The Shatter Live Stage was designed for Module's Live version of 
the Shatter Game soundtrack. The stage designed is set to resemble colours, 
shapes and textures from the early gaming era. 
To create interesting reflective surfaces to project and 
lazer onto,we shrink wrapped the stage, creating an 
amazing floating layerring effect.

This stage is currently in a lot of development, 
building to a much bigger show

 !! Keep an eye out !!
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Acute Self

Acute Self is based on Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending Staircase 
and investigates how a person occupies space as they move. 
The viewer’s movement generates a 3 dimensional geometric shape. This shape 
then changes its perspective as you continue to move from side to side. The viewer 
can experience the virtual space they have created through their movement. This project 
investigates how we interface with the amalgamation of the digital and physical space. 
The viewer is given the opportunity to investigate and interact with their own 
movement as well as experience how they occupy their digital and physical space.

This exhibition was first presented at the Digital Art Live screens in
Auckland and is made possible throught the support of Creative New Zealand, CoLab and AUT.

                      Author: Interrupt Collective
                      Artistic Director: Johann Nortje
                      Developer: Ben Jack
                      Producer: Harry Silver
                      Technical Support: Kim Newall

                       Digital Art Live - 2012
                       Wellington LUX - 2012
                       Tiger Translate Auckland - 2013
                       Ted X Auckland - 2013
                       Survive and Thrive - 2013

AGWA Lime Light Stage

The AGWA Lime Light stage was designed as a modular interactive lighting stage.
The stage consists of a rear light structure, that is manually operated 
and programmed, as well as two AGWA leaves on either side of the stage,
 projection mapped from the front and with green lasers from behind,
simulating the AGWA logo.

All up the stage was designed to be easily assembled, 
disassembled and flat packed.

Inside Out

Inside Out was commissioned by The Edge as part of the Digital Arts Live interactive space 
and developed by Stuart Foster from Interrupt Collective.
Inside Out is a digital artwork created to collate and display photos sent in 
by people attending Random Acts. Everyone’s photograph helps build the large mosaic of images 
on the Digital Art Live screen. Collectively the photos will create an interactive photo album of 
Random Acts experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Typeface with Vaimaila Urale

Typeface merges the concept of ASCII art* with interactive technology 
and contemporary Polynesian mark making. 
The project was developed by Vaimaila Urale with collaboration 
from Johann Nortje from Interrupt collective. Vaimaila Urale takes her inspiration 
from traditional Samoan art forms of Tatau (tattoo) and Tapa (bark cloth) and has
created a unique set of digital patterns using basic keyboard characters, 
motifs and symbols such as .. / .. Together they designed a work where
the viewer’s physical movements activate unique layers of patterning.
People’s reflections in front of the Digital Art Live 
screen become embedded with Urale’s vibrant Pacific influenced patterns.
*ASCII art is an early computer image making technique 
using keyboard characters to form pictures.

Light Parade

Light parade was first presented at the Performance Arcade 2012 in Wellington New Zealand,
presented by The Playground NZ
Light parade is a four dimensional interactive installation, 
creating light and sound through the performers movement through space. 
In this instance, the viewer is the performer, creating a real-time performance mirror, 
as the viewer alters the composition, based on their own generated 
composition in the first place – a musical “aura”

Made possible with the awesome funding from Creative Communities

AGWA Electronica Stage LaDeDa

The AGWA Electronica Stage at LADEDA New Years Festival was
designed as a full Audio/Visual assault! 
The stage set-up comprises of multiple light cubes, each
individually controllable with pixel mapped LED tubes framing each cube. 
As a final pièce de résistance, 
all the front faces of the cubes were mapped with a lazer, 
adding a fantastic animated contrast to the strength of the cubes!

Images courtesy of Von Photography

Wakeless A/V Design

Interrupt Collective was invited to collaborate with 
Binge Culture Collective in creating a far from norm piece of 
interactive theatre; WAKELESS. The piece follows dream logic 
as a narrative structure, using the interactive audio 
and visual worlds created as playing grounds and platforms 
to sculpt the performance within.

"The AV design ... becomes more and more sophisticated and 
– abetted by McShane's lighting and Stephanie Cairns' music composition and sound design – 
transports us to different realms and ways of seeing with dream-like ease."
- John Smythe, 12 Nov 2011


GeoBots was presented as part of StageSpace installation at the Wellington Airport 2011. 
GeoBots is a interactive field of geometrical bots, exploring the concept of interactive 
spatial geometrics. The GeoBots perform interactively with a audience while also 
communicating with each other, creating a network of responses sent back and forth 
across the landscape. Each GeoBot can send and receive sonar, exploring their own 
personal space but also in turn communicating with other GeoBots, 
creating an audio and light representation of their surroundings.

Opiuo Visuals

Live mapped Visual for Opiuo - San Francisco Bath House - Wellington


Geo-Ping is a spatially interactive projection mapping audio-visual environment. 
The project consists of projecting onto fragmented shapes, releasing an 
audio-visual exploration of space through viewer interaction
As the viewer walks in front of the mapped surface, tracked three dimensionally 
in the physical and presented in the virtual world, their digital shadow splits 
open the edges it touches (of the shapes within the projection), revealing shards 
of light emanating from behind. From this the projection becomes an 
instrument with which the user can perform with sound, light and virtual space.

Inside the Frame

Inside the Frame was a Spatial Audio and Video interactive environment
presented at the Performance Arcade 2011 in Wellington

Un/Folding Space

The project was a design investigation exploring the boundaries between the 
virtual and physical world. It was framed within the context of using both digital
 fabrication and 3D stereoscopic projection as a tool for designing spaces that would 
mediate between 3D modeling software and physical form.


We are entering a new realm of digital connectivity where our bodies are extended into 
digital networked space. The ubiquity of mobile internet connecting devices, electronic
 displays and social networking spheres all contribute to the rupture from the corporeal 
body into a constructed digital self. Through the use of camera vision and live feeds 
from twitter Stuarts’ interactive work ‘Chirp’ seeks to heighten an awareness of the
changing moods of digital social space and our roles as participants in a globally 
connected environment.

Persistence of Illusion

The investigation focuses on how the creation of live visual content can be 
achieved through the virtual and physical spatial relationships within the 
performance and how the performer then interacts with these relationships
 through bodily response and navigation. This is achieved through combining the 
successes of contemporary visual performances, the interaction techniques used in 
pre-cinema instrumentation and the use of projection mapping as a means of visually 
addressing the entire space of the performance.

Being@ Project

Inhabiting both physical and the digital domain simultaneously, 
Being @ challenges notions of physical presence, ownership and time. Physical matter and 
digital bytes converge into a hybrid entity, suggesting the forming of a new era of
 relationships between the body, architecture and digital information


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Interrupt is a collective of digital-media artists, interaction designers, live video performers and sonic artists working across a range of live performance projects and installations. The binding principle of the collective is to generate experimental work that explores the boundaries between architecture, video, performance, sound and interaction. Alongside multiple theatre projects, the members of Interrupt have been involved in The Performance Arcade Aotea Square 2011, Random Acts 2011, StageSpace 2011, The WGTN LUX Symposium 2011, The Performance Arcade 2011, Prague Quadrennial 2011, Art in the Dark 2012, Tiger Translate Auckland 2013, WGTN LUX 2013, Ted X Auckland 2013, Auckland Festival of Arts and the Wellington International Arts Festival. In 2011 Interrupt also received a Best Design Award, as well as the Critics Wild Card Award at the Chapman Tripp Theatre awards for outstanding A/V design. Interrupt includes Johann Nortje, Stuart Foster, Harry Silver, Angus Woodhams and Kris Henning.