Typeface with Vaimaila Urale

Typeface merges the concept of ASCII art* with interactive technology 
and contemporary Polynesian mark making. 
The project was developed by Vaimaila Urale with collaboration 
from Johann Nortje from Interrupt collective. Vaimaila Urale takes her inspiration 
from traditional Samoan art forms of Tatau (tattoo) and Tapa (bark cloth) and has
created a unique set of digital patterns using basic keyboard characters, 
motifs and symbols such as .. / .. Together they designed a work where
the viewer’s physical movements activate unique layers of patterning.
People’s reflections in front of the Digital Art Live 
screen become embedded with Urale’s vibrant Pacific influenced patterns.
*ASCII art is an early computer image making technique 
using keyboard characters to form pictures.


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Interrupt is a collective of digital-media artists, interaction designers, live video performers and sonic artists working across a range of live performance projects and installations. The binding principle of the collective is to generate experimental work that explores the boundaries between architecture, video, performance, sound and interaction. Alongside multiple theatre projects, the members of Interrupt have been involved in The Performance Arcade Aotea Square 2011, Random Acts 2011, StageSpace 2011, The WGTN LUX Symposium 2011, The Performance Arcade 2011, Prague Quadrennial 2011, Art in the Dark 2012, Tiger Translate Auckland 2013, WGTN LUX 2013, Ted X Auckland 2013, Auckland Festival of Arts and the Wellington International Arts Festival. In 2011 Interrupt also received a Best Design Award, as well as the Critics Wild Card Award at the Chapman Tripp Theatre awards for outstanding A/V design. Interrupt includes Johann Nortje, Stuart Foster, Harry Silver, Angus Woodhams and Kris Henning.